ARGB Tubing


LED Tube Sleeve A1

Cooler Master’s Addressable RGB LED Tube Sleeve is our first developed sleeve designed to spice up the look of your liquid cooler tubing. The sleeve features 30 ARGB LEDs compatible with major motherboards for the most versatile customization of your water cooler lighting.
Engineered with flexible soft rubber, the LED Tube Sleeve A1 can be easily molded to the bends of your liquid cooler tubing to create a versatile vibrant system. Sizing availability comes in 10mm or 12mm diameter options.


30 ARGB LEDs – Robust lighting with 30 LEDs compatible with Asus Aura, ASRock RGB and MSI RGB motherboards.

Soft Rubber – Soft rubber composition for easy molding to the shape of your cooler tubing.

Versatile Sizing – Sizing availability with a choice of 10mm or 12mm diameter to create a versatile vibrant system.

Product Name LED Tube Sleeve A1
Product Number MFX-ATHN-10NNN-R1
Diameter 10mm/12mm
Quantity 2pcs
Color White
Material Rubber
Length 330mm(13 inch)
Weight 57g (0.13lbs)/67g (0.15lbs)
LED Quantity 30
Connector 3-PinARGB
Rated Voltage 5 VDC
Rated Current 0.45 A
Power Consumption 2.25 W
Warranty 2 years