Hybrid 1


Hybrid 1

Hybrid 1 was designed to bridge the void between professional gamers and content creators, the key demographic of long hours PC users. Driven by extensive research it was created to better respond to the needs of the modern-day gamers and creatives, focusing on health, interaction, and expression. Hybrid 1 combines the benefits of comfort-driven office chairs with support-based racing seats and delivers this idea in a symbiotic solution that allows ergonomic customization to a user’s preference for maximum airflow during longer sessions. In a world of comfort and expression Hybrid 1 offers the best of both worlds without compromise.


Ergonomic Performance – Hybrid 1 is defined by a light yet strong MuscleFlex® mesh stretched across the high-density cold-molded foam which strikes the perfect balance between strength and elasticity whilst providing uncompromised tenderness for all body shapes and weights that you don’t find in regular gaming chairs.

Stylish Comfort – The backrest reclines completely flat (180 degree) for laying down to recharge, absent in regular office chairs. The adjustable 4 dimensional lumbar support and headrest create an innovative suspended seating experience with less heat storage and pressure that make for a distinctive statement both for gaming setups as well as professional studios.