The GD120 ARGB is designed as a serious workstation performance for Pro users, unwilling to compromise performance and comfort during everyday gaming and working. The on-the –go adjustable desk height, ample sizing, and cable tray, is where the user experience combines focused functionality with personalized ergonomics. Both GD160 ARGB and GD120 ARGB offer full control when it comes to setting your room ambience with ARGB lighting strips, multiple lighting modes and full custom setting using the MasterPlus+ App including synchronized lighting to sound and video outputs. Our ambient light design features a downwards trajectory on the front to avoid glare and on the back of GD120 ARGB the light is projected upwards for better wall bounce and ambient illumination.


GD120 is perfect for gamers, youtubers, streamers, and vloggers. With the right amount of space, the users can create their own inspiring work eco-system.

The smart ARGB lighting stripe evaluates an ideal lighting atmosphere without overwhelming brightness. MasterPlus+ lets you have full control of your mood and activity with millions of lighting customizations.