Caliber R2C

Become a “cold-as-ice” commander with our innovative overheat preventing Cool-In fabric Tech, workstation ergonomics and slick design. Keep your cool in all situations and claim your victory from the command of your R2C!


Premium Comfort with Cooling Performance – Cooler Master Caliber R2C enhances the overall comfortability of your workstation by reducing chair-to-player heat exchange and humidity build-up that lead to sweatiness during long hours of gameplay.

Cool-In Technology – Caliber R2C feels 1-2° degrees cooler than a regular gaming chair. Our Cool-In fabric Tech with “Jade Powder” particles in the yarn helps improve heat dissipation. The unique star-shaped yarn design makes Caliber R2C breathable, absorbs moisture, and allows evaporation which are the keys to staying dry and cool.

Superior Durability – The Cool-In fabric Tech also provides extra benefits of scratch resistance and a dust repellent and easy-to-clean surface for daily usages.

Comfortable Ergonomic Workstation – Caliber R2C ergonomic design meets the individual’s needs with a comfortable range of the reclining backrest. The upgraded 2D armrests and height adjustable gas lift minimize fatigue and maximize the comfort of your work/play sessions.

Product Name Caliber R2C
Product Number CMI-GCR2C-GY
Total Height Range 125.5-133.5 cm (49.4”-52.6”)
Backrest Height 82 cm (32.3”)
Backrest Width 58 cm (22.8”)
Armrest to Armrest 71 cm (28.0”)
Seat Width (including sides) 58 cm (22.8”)
Seat Depth 54 cm (21.3”)
Diameter of Base 70 cm (27.6”)
Steel Plate Thickness 1.2 mm
Armrest Adjustability 28.5-36.5 cm (11.2”-14.4”)
Floor to Seat Top 48-56 cm (18.9”-22.0”)
Height Adjustability 8 cm (3.1”)
Recline 90-180 degree
Armrest 2D
Headrest Ergonomic pillow
Surface material Eco-friendly fabric (Non-toxic polyester) on front
Inner material Backrest cut foam,
seat cold molded foam
Frame Steel
Base (leg) Steel
Caster 60 mm (2.4″)
Gas Lift Class 4
Warranty 2 years