SFF, Built To Spec

Optimized for entry-level builders, pre-customized for the perfect fit.

The MAX namesake is Cooler Master’s insignia of our products evolving together. The ecosystem is designed as tailored PC with maximum cooling potential included, more than enough wattage for future upgrades, and a modified chassis for a truly unique build platform.

Whether first-time builders want a more efficient journey to their dream PC or build veterans seek an exclusive aesthetic & upgrade, the MAX line provides an out-of-the-box custom experience.

MAX: Completely Custom, Out-of-the-Box
The MAX Series features exclusive Cooler Master components uniquely tailored to each other. None of the components will be available for purchase separately, as their design is completely dependent on the ecosystem offered as a singular product.

Our NR200P MAX is the first iteration of our MAX line, debuting as a standalone product comparable to a barebone system.


Cooler Master’s Expertise at Its Finest – NR200P MAX is a masterpiece integrating Cooler Master’s expertise in the thermal, power delivery and mechanical design, designed for unstoppable performance and capable of satisfying the most power-hungry systems.

SFF Building Refined – Get a head start in building your SFF PC! Taking up only 18 liters of volume, the NR200P MAX takes the difficulty and hassle of cable management out of small form factor PC building. 

Luxurious, Out-of-the-Box Solution – A time efficient, ready-made solution for PC enthusiasts who place utmost value on their PC performance. NR200P MAX saves users from hours upon hours of tedious research with guaranteed hardware compatibility.

MAX systems are Cooler Master’s ready-to-go solution for PC enthusiasts who are looking to max out their PC performance. Each MAX product is pre-installed and pre-routed with tailor-made thermal and power delivery solutions, allowing users to enjoy a user-friendly, luxurious build experience with minimal time investment.

Product Name MasterBox NR200P MAX
Product Number NR200P-MCNN85-SL0
Exterior Color Black / Grey
Materials Exterior SGCC Steel, Mesh, ABS Plastic
Left Side Panel Tempered Glass x1, Steel x1
Dimensions (L x W x H) incl. Protrusions 377 x 185 x 292mm
excl. Protrusions 361 x 185 x 274mm
Volume 18.30L
Motherboard Support Mini-ITX, Max. size: 170 x 180mm
Expansion Slots 3
Drive Bays 5.25“ ODD 0
3.5” HDD 1 (Max. 2)
3.5” / 2.5” Combo 1
2.5” SSD 2 (Max. 3)
I/O Panel  USB Ports 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 (USB 3.0)
Audio In / Out 1x 3.5mm Headset Jack (Audio + Mic)
Included Accessories PCIe 4.0 x16 riser cable  x1
Included CPU Cooling Solution 280mm radiator
2 x 140mm SickleFlow PWM
Gen 3 Cooler Master Pump / CPU Block
Fan Support Top 2 x 120mm / 2 x 140mm
Bottom 1 x 120mm (max 15mm, with 3.5” HDD at the bottom)
2 x 120mm (max 15mm, w/o 3.5” HDD at the bottom)
Radiator Support Top 240mm / 280mm
Clearances CPU Cooler 67mm
Power Supply 130mm
Graphics Card L: 336mm (incl. power connector)
H: 160mm (incl. power connector)
W: 75mm (triple slot)
Dust Filters Bottom, Left, Right, Top Panels
Power Supply Support SFX, SFX-L
Warranty 2 years (Case)
2 years (Thermal Solution)
10 years (Power Delivery)