Motion 1


Feel Your World

Equipped with the world’s first haptic engine optimized to fit a “Work & Play” chair and powered by the D-Box game and movie library, Motion 1 delivers the experience of 4D Cinema and immersive gameplay right into the comfort of your room.

Motion 1’s “Soft-Tech” design language was carefully crafted to seamlessly navigate and move the worlds of work and play, offering an iconic new hammerhead signature seat profile with minimal yet distinct trimming.

Quick Release System

Motion 1 also delivers an innovative new headrest and lumbar support system for rapid adjustment and removal.

Concept Vision

Designed from the ground-up, Motion 1 brings a whole new identity to Cooler Master’s Setup centrepiece.

3D-sculpted foam offers an unprecedented level of comfort for all body types. Height adjustability and reclining are always present and can be used independently from the Haptic mechanism to offer complete ergonomic control for all user heights.



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