Mobile Cooler


Mobile Cooler

Cooler Master is expanding cooling solutions to the growing segment of portable devices – the Mobile Cooler. Using thermoelectric cooling, the large contact surface reduces heat and rapidly cools your mobile device during heavy phone usage. With smart app temperature monitoring, the cooling fan speed adjusts to temperature changes for the best mobile gaming experience. Dual USB-C ports allow you to power the cooler, while simultaneously charging your phone battery for uninterrupted gaming. The Addressable RGB lighting is also customizable for personalized visuals with simple in-app controls.  The Mobile Cooler features a vertical vent grill design for efficient heat dissipation. Mounting clips are adjustable to accommodate various sizes to fit a wide range of mobile devices.


Aircraft-grade Thermoelectric Cooling – Enlarged thermoelectric cooling plate contact surface for rapid cooling.

Vertical Vent Grill Design – Vertical air vent grills maximize air flow for efficient heat dissipation.

Smart App Temperature Monitoring – Fan speed adjusts accordingly via app temperature monitoring.

Addressable RGB Lighting –  Customizable lighting visuals with simple in-app controls.


Product Name Mobile Cooler
Product Number
Exterior Color Black
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Materials ABS Plastic / Brushed Metal Anode Sheet / TEC
Extension 2x USB Type-C
1x USB Cable
Connector Compatible of 5V, 2A
Fan Profile ARGB
Logo Profile ARGB
Warranty 2 years

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