Focus Groups

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The Ones on Saturday February 19th

Advanced Thermal Solutions

Are you a DIY PC builder, Hardcore PC gamer and do you always pick Sub-Zero when you’re playing Mortal Kombat? Then this is just the focus group for you!

The Ones on Saturday February 26th

The Era of Livestreaming

Do you measure your life by the amount of ‘subs’ instead of the amount of years?

Future Concepts / Co-branding

What does a Nike mousepad, Tesla gaming chair and Starbucks thermal paste all have in common, besides the fact that it makes our lawyers incredibly anxious to even mention those names…

The Ones on Saturday March 5th

Digital Nomads

How gaming shapes the on-the-go working lifestyle.

Connecting your laptop to one of your many workspots is part of your muscle memory, and your list of saved WiFi networks is almost bigger than your student debt. Almost. We’re to the rescue!


You go by the saying “I was born too late to explore the earth, and born too early to explore space”. And although VR Gaming and digital experiences are becoming more and more accessible, the human species is still far away from uploading their conscience to the Metaverse.