V1300 Platinum 30th Anniversary


Power Up Again

The V Platinum series used to provide high-end performance for all types of PC users. Now it returning as a 30th Anniversary Edition. This vanguard of power supply innovation and development offers an 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency certification, full-modular cabling, 100% Japanese capacitors, a high operating temperature of 50℃, and a hardware based single/multi rail switch. Add on the 10 year warranty and you have a PSU that won’t disappoint even the most seasoned system integrators and PC builders. For highly efficient, quiet operation, you simply can’t go wrong with the V Platinum.

Single/Multi-Rail Switch

The built in rail switch allows you to alter the PSU from single to multiple rails in order to tailor the unit’s performance to your needs. Use multi-rail mode for normal use and single rail mode for specialized needs such as overclocking. Change modes with the flick of a switch

Improved PCI-e Cable Conductivity

The V Platinum series comes with 16AWG PCI-e cables. These are thicker than current industry standard 18AWG cables, meaning less heat resistance during use. The reduction in heat resistance improves efficiency and stability so your components can get the most out of that 80 PLUS Platinum rating. As an added bonus, the lower resistance means less ambient heat in your case being expelled from your cables, making your entire system safer and cooler than the same setup with standard issue cables.

Cooler Master Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary In Style

Join the celebration and revisit Cooler Master’s iconic products, now available in a limited 3oth Anniversary Collectors Edition



Product Name V1300 Platinum 30th Anniversary
Product Number MPZ-D001-AFBAPV
ATX Version ATX 12V Ver. 3.42
PFC Active PFC
Input Voltage 110~240V
Input Current 15-8A
Input Frequency 50~60Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H) 190 x 150 x 86mm
Fan Size 135mm
Fan Bearing FDB
Efficiency >92% @ Typical Load
80 PLUS Rating 80 PLUS Platinum
ErP 2014 Lot 3 Yes
MTBF >100,000 hours
Protections OVP / OPP / SCP / OCP / UVP / OTP / Surge and Inrush Protection
Connectors ATX 24 Pin 1x (650mm)
EPS 4+4 Pin 1x (680mm)
EPS 8 Pin 1x (750mm)
SATA 3x (500 + 120 + 120 + 120mm)
1x (550 + 120 + 120 + 120mm) (16 connectors)
Peripheral 4 Pin 2x (500 + 120 + 120 + 120mm) (8 connectors)
FDD 1x (120mm)
PCI-e 6+2 Pin 6x (650 + 120mm) (12 connectors)

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